Nov 3, 2010

Oh the irony! Marion Cotillard's new boobs.

Looks like Hollywood has already started to rub off on French actress, Marion Cotillard, who's been recently been spotted looking a cup size or two larger.

A bit ironic considering that she recently featured in a Funny or Die skit about wearing fake boobs on your forehead to attract men's attention to your face rather than your chest.

Before anyone here thinks I'm considering breast implants - I'm not. I've been a C since the age of 14 and wouldn't want to go any larger or smaller. I'm just interested in what drives women to the point of stuffing their chests with crap to make their boobs look bigger.


  1. Good job, implants are disgusting. And wow, can't believe even French actresses are falling for the Hollywood image too. Awesome post! Keep up the good work. Follow my blog as I'm following yours! Thanks :)

  2. fan all naturals here...disappointing news

  3. Hmmm that is kind of ironic, yeah :)

  4. I'm so disappointed :/ Marion is gorgeous. Why spoil beauty like that with fake boobs??